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How does VR Porn work?

If you have never used a VR headset to watch VR porn then I’ll explain what the experience is like, this is particularly for Oculus Go Porn, if you’ve tried cardboard or a headset where the picture was fuzzy or not moving smoothly then you have not seen what it’s really like.

Porn on the Oculus Go is out of this world (and if you have tried porn on the Oculus Go and still found it bad, then you’re downloading the wrong videos!).

The videos here are chosen due to their high quality (you can’t really get much better) and if you have the bandwidth (preferably fiber optic) you can stream them either individually or by entering our Oculus Go mode you can stream them with a Netflix type screen.

VR porn mode for the Oculus Go
VR porn mode for the Oculus Go

All of the videos here are tested for quality (and science), if you find the streaming experience slow then I’m afraid it’s your connection, but you can download them and play directly from the Oculus Go (see our tutorial).

Yeah, but how DOES IT WORK?

Alright! Alright! So you have this headset that you strap onto your head (its light-weight, feels like ski goggles I guess).  Inside there is a 5.5-inch display with a 2560 x 1440 resolution. There are two lenses (one for each of your eyeballs), so one eye sees one side of the screen and the other.. the other.

If played on a normal computer screen (with a basic video player) it would appear like below, the video would be split horizontally down the middle. The video has been recorded by a special camera that has two lenses (or two syncronised cameras). You can just about see the different viewpoints in the image below.

Spot the difference
Spot the difference

The lenses are about 64 mm apart (this is called IPD (interpupillary distance)),  it’s two lenses recording the same thing but one acting as a left eye and the other as the right.

When you play a 3D video you’re fed the left side to your left eye and vice-versa. You’ll see what appears to be a three-dimensional image and things really do appear to be right in front of you! If you’ve ever been to a 3D cinema you’ll know how that feels.

There’s MOAR! – the two lenses are similar to fisheye lenses, so each camera is recording in 180 degrees in any direction, but the camera doesn’t (or at least shouldn’t) move, it just records a semi-sphere video from one place in a room or studio.


Weeeell, the lenses on the Oculus Go are concave (or convex? one or the other) – and there’s a magic wizardry thing happening in the video player.

Oculus Rift Lenses
Oculus Rift Lenses (image via VR Optician).

This is where shit goes crazy, so when you watch VR Porn on the Oculus Go you can look left, right up and down!

You don’t have to look at the massive boobs that you can’t touch (sorry to break that to you but you can’t touch them, no not even a little bit) but what you can do is check out the sweet kitchen cabinet to the side of you, or the carpet!

So yeah, that’s my explanation for it haha, if you have anything to add, change or ask about the Oculus Go then come and check out our SubReddit.




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