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Welcome to GenXPartners.

Hey! o/

Just for the record, this was a domain I purchased from expireddomains.net. So no real reason this site is called GenXPartners

I have been into VR since the ‘early’ days, had the DK1, DK2 and currently own an Oculus CV1 and an Oculus Go.

You can get an Oculus Go directly from Oculus VR from 219€  for the 32Gb version, but I got mine from Newegg (not an affiliate link) and saved quite a bit.

Some links from the videos are affiliate links. So if you sign up with one of the VR porn producers via here then I get a small cut.  This is an affiliate link (click it and buy something meloveyoulovetime).

If you have your own website or a following of internet buddies, then you can join Virtual Real Cash and give out your link, then you’ll get a cut each time someone signs up via you.

I’m building this site because VR porn on the Oculus Go is pretty incredible. I’m not a huge massive viewer of porn but seeing the medium change from the monitor to literally wrapped around my face and in 3D is quite a thing!

Bit of a WebVR dude as well, I hope to make something WebVR based (some kind of multi-user spaceship with porn dotted around). But that depends on if I a. Remember to do it b. a.

Just a note to say you can find us on Reddit https://old.reddit.com/r/oculusgonsfw – for Oculus Go updates, hacks, help and other things, come say hello!


Welcome to GenXPartners.com - We are a bunch of Oculus Go and Oculus Quest Porn fanatics, in fact VR in general! All of the VR Porn videos here are checked to make sure they stream in fantastic quality on the Oculus Go (connection speed permitting!), and if your connection isn't up to it then you can just download them to play offline. We also have a home on Reddit, come visit our Oculus Go Porn SubReddit, we're there to help with VR porn streaming or other questions you might have about the Oculus Go.