Double dip with Lina Mercury and Mia Ferrari

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Lina Mercury and Mia Ferrari star in Double dip

By 18 VR

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Your new neighbours Lina and Mia have popped by to introduce themselves.

Once again, your swimming pool has proved to be quite the pussy magnet. When Lina and Mia tell you that they didn’t bring any swimsuits, you are poised to offer them the spares that your ex-girlfriend left over, but before you can even utter a word, they start stripping down to their birthday suits.

Grab your VR headset, take a dip with these pair of Euro babes, hit up the pussy buffet, then dip your stick into all their holes before cumming all over the both of them. This will be a VR porn experience to remember.

Reddit comments

“I am blown away by this wizardry! The cameraman steps INTO the pool with the two hotties, then after they play around in the pool the cameraman steps UP AND OUT of the pool to the sofa, in one smooth continuous shot?!?! That is amazinggggg camerawork. Your moving rig is super smooth and doesn’t cause any queasiness, and sometimes it moves pretty quickly too. That goes to show how smooth it is. And seriously, we’ve seen so many VR scenes with women in the pool while the camera is far away on the outskirts of the pool, but this is the first time the camera goes into the pool to hang out WITH the women. All the crystal clear audio of the pool water splashing back and forth while inside… hands down amazing.

And the hotties! Never seen or heard of either of these two, and holy smokes they blew me out of the water. Lina Mercury’s body is perfection. Especially those breasts, supple with the perfect “weight” to them. And Mia Ferrari is adorable. She is so ridiculously cute I was almost smitten with her. And this is a VR video for pete’s sake! LOL. And her eyes… the deep stare eye contact she gives (a few moments she looks into only the left lens but she corrects it later on), is amazing. And at times, she almost looked like Jennifer Lawrence. I am absolutely taken with Mia. I am a fan, but alas she has no twitter! How am I supposed to keep up with her latest projects =).

And finally, the scene itself, solid work all around. Well I never quite made it to the standing POV section. The couch section was all I needed. Great mix of closeups, and sandwiching. The double titty fuck in the beginning was awesome. Plenty of double and single kissing. Mia did a better job than Lina when it came to playing the “supporting actress”. Mia kept the teasing alive while Lina got fucked, whereas Lina just sorta hung out on the side during Mia’s fucking. But overall. HOT PERFORMANCE.


Thank you 18VR. Your work deserves more praise than it gets!!!”

You can also watch Double dip with Lina Mercury and Mia Ferrari in 4K 180º FOV for your Oculus Go, Oculus Rift, Smartphone Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR and PSVR and live the best immersive experience in 3D VR binaural sound!

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